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About Alonica, ink.
​Alonica, ink. is the dream child of artist, Alon Paul.  

What began as a concept and character while living in Las Vegas, Nevada, has now become a freelance endeavor, catering to the personal buyer and smaller illustration market, and those with flair for pop culture from the past and the present. 

Specializing in chalk, watercolor and digital mediums, Alonica, ink. offers a wide array of artistic services, focusing on (but not limited to) portraiture and caricature.  
Alon Paul is an illustrator residing in Denver, Colorado.  As founder of Alonica, ink., he is dedicated to offering a creative utility at a fair and honest price.  

​Specializing in human figure work, Alon Paul does everything with his own kind of flair.  Pop culture is his muse.  Colorful, playful and eccentric are his attributes.